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Business Brainstorm

Case Study - New eyes see things differently!

Helping a company prepare for growth

Comprising of many small companies that included construction, development and civil engineering, the Board of Directors of the Group with a turnover of £20M and workforce of 35 people needed an independent view to assist in the future Group direction.

GO were responsible for business development review and planning; GO also assisted with contracts management.

GO Key Responsibilities

  • Support the Board in business planning and implementation, alongside assisting Directors and the senior management team to identify the strategic direction of the Group and the initial implementation of the agreed Business Plan

  • Development and evolution of Group SHEQ Procedures - reviewing and developing the SHEQ systems and reporting

  • Development and evolution of Group financial planning and reporting; review of the financial reporting and planning.  Introducing new methods and accurate capture of site delivery performance resulting in improved financial planning and cashflow control of projects

  • Developing enhanced operational processes and service provision through reviewing and enhancing existing operational processes and service provision including improved reporting and requisition processing

  • Managing technical aspects of works and supervision of remediation contracts managers - As part of the Business Plan, remediation was a new service being offered. Personally took control of the contracts management and financial performances

  • SHEQ compliance monitoring - general review and improvement of the Group of companies.

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